Brilliance Exposing Itself

Everyone’s intelligence has a way of making itself known.

For some, it peeks out through quick, witty and amusing responses.

For others it slips through the cracks by means of simple yet completely logical analogies.

And still others find it falling from their mouths in the form of surprising yet remarkably suitable vocabulary.

But why must our brilliance show, expose, peek, slip and fall?

Why does it hide?

Are we more afraid of finding ourselves regarded as arrogant or pompous than incurring the destructive consequences of stifling our brilliance?

? #5


What exactly is it?

And why do we constantly seek it?

Why do we find that it is something unavoidably necessary?

Why has it become so enmeshed with our sense of self?

? #4

Why do we have an urge, a social prerequisite, to find someone? To find another human being to attach oneself to?

I understand the biological impulse to reproduce, and therefore engage in sexual intercourse, but why must this biologically-driven urge be coupled with human emotion?

Why can we not be happy by ourselves?

Why is it expected of us by the majority of humanity, ourselves included, to “find” someone? To enter into not just physical, but chemically-driven emotional relations with this illusive “someone”?

Does our biological impulse to reproduce, and/or engage in sexual intercourse, deprive us of the possibility of being happy on our own?