Lovers resting lazily atop the bones of their ancestors.

Bones on bones

the living against the living

the dead against the dead.

One day to be interred not in their native ground

amongst those from whom they descend

but relegated to the concrete chaos of modern civilization’s making.

lady liberty

Lady Liberty

Why don’t we care about our women?

Why does our society refuse to protect their liberties and rights as human beings?


These are the people that birthed you,

brought you into this world, then

fed you

nurtured you.

And you turn around and tell her she can’t take care of herself?


I am dumbfounded,


that my sisters and I continue to be misrepresented by a cesspool of




cisgendered men

who can lo longer see their dicks over their pot bellies

but refuse to make decisions based on anything else.


When will the halls of the US judicial system start to treat women as equals?


Lady Liberty:

When will we start taking her at her word?

believing her?

ensuring she is represented?

defending her rights?


When will the balances finally tilt away from the old guard?


I don’t want what most people want.

I dont want the nice clothes,

designer handbags,

the engagement ring,

the wedding,

the down payment,

the career that defines who I am instead of defining myself.


I want more.

I want to see the world and everything it has to offer;

smell its stench,

taste its riches.


I want freedom.

Freedom to move freely about this Earth,

to meet new people every day,

to experience something different at every turn.


To steer clear of what’s expected

and dig out my own path –

one not restricted by tired expectations,

unnecessary regulations or fear.


A life lived by the law of being uncomfortable.

A tireless pursuit of what makes this world what it is

and who I am in it.


The Carousel

Life is circular.


You keep coming back to revisit past



recesses of your mind


that you thought you’d


evolved past,




When in reality you’re still on the same


ferris wheel,

swing carousel


and you’re getting more and more





despair in the dark


She stumbled over their toys in the dark,

Had forgotten about her boys in the dark.

How dreams can bring back old realities,

And we have to muffle their noise in the dark.

She could feel the burning tears bubbling up,

While trying to keep her poise in the dark.

Where had that excitement for life gone?

Attempting to remember past joys in the dark.


I found her like that,

Cutting her wrists by choice in the dark.